Customer service

This is Valum’s customer service department, created to deal with queries, complaints or claims, in compliance with the provisions of article 9 of ORDER ECO/734/2004, of March 11, 2004 on customer service departments and services and the customer ombudsman of financial institutions, published in the Official State Gazette of March 24, 2004.

1. Institutions shall make available to their clients, in each and every one of the offices open to the public, as well as on their web pages in the event that the contracts have been concluded by telematic means, the following information:

  • The existence of a customer service department or service and, if applicable, a customer ombudsman, with an indication of their postal and e-mail address.
  • The obligation on the part of the entity to attend to and resolve the complaints and claims presented by its customers, within two months of their presentation to the customer service department or service or, if applicable, the customer ombudsman.
  • Reference to the Market Conduct and Claims Department as a second instance of the Bank of Spain, and the need to exhaust the channels of the customer service department or customer ombudsman in order to be able to file complaints and claims with said department.
  • The operating regulations provided for in the preceding article.
  • References to the regulations on transparency and customer protection in financial services.

2. The decisions concluding the procedures for processing complaints and claims shall expressly mention the right of the claimant, in the event of disagreement with the result of the decision, to appeal to the corresponding Commissioner for the Defense of Financial Services Customers.

All customer complaints and claims can be formulated through the following online form, or submitted to the following e-mail address
or to the postal address included in the contact details.

Under no circumstances may they be submitted by telephone. This CCS will attend to and resolve the complaints and claims presented by its customers within two months of their presentation to the customer service department.

What are the functions of Customer Service?

To attend to and resolve complaints, claims and queries submitted, directly or through representation, by individuals or legal entities, Spanish or foreign clients of the Company, when they refer to legally recognized interests or rights related to operations, contracts or services provided by the Company, whether derived from the contracts themselves, from transparency and customer protection regulations or from good practices and customs, in particular the principle of fairness.

To make recommendations and suggestions to the company’s management on all those aspects that, in their opinion, would strengthen the good relations and mutual trust that should exist between the company and its customers.

How to submit complaints or claims to this CCS?

Complaints and claims may be filed with the CCS, at any office open to the public, and at the postal and e-mail addresses provided.

Regardless of the method chosen for filing a complaint or claim, the complainant must provide at least the following information:

  • Name and surname of the interested party.
  • Address of the interested party (and, if applicable, of the person representing him/her).
  • For natural persons the NIF of the interested party.
  • For legal entities, the data referred to the commercial registry.
  • Reason for the complaint, clearly specifying the issues on which it seeks a ruling.
  • Office of the Appraisal Institute where the events occurred (if applicable).
  • Appraisal number (or related property).
  • Place, date and signature. Documentary evidence (if applicable).

Web form

Sending an e-mail:

Mailing address: Avenida de Europa, 34 D – 2ºB – 28023 Madrid


    MAIN PURPOSE: To answer your queries or send you the information you request.

    LEGITIMACY: Consent of the interested party.

    RECIPIENTS: No data will be transferred to third parties, except with express authorization or legal obligation.

    RIGHTS: Access, rectification, deletion and portability of your data, limitation and opposition to its processing, as well as not to be subject to decisions based solely on the automated processing of your data, where appropriate.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can consult additional and detailed information on our Privacy Policy