The Automated Valuation Model (AVM ) consists of the massive valuation of asset portfolios by means of an algorithm based on statistical and mathematical techniques.

In Valum, to perform this service, we use SMARTA, a software developed by ourselves that is responsible for the processing, analysis and representation of the company’s own data based on big data and artificial intelligence.


Pre and post

The AVM service is divided into two phases, pre- and post-validation. The first of these consists of the process of normalization and enrichment of the source information provided by the client, and its subsequent geolocation. The post-valuation phase includes the valuation of the assets located and the analysis of the assets that, despite having been located, could not be valued.

The causes that make the valuation of an asset difficult relate to its characteristics regarding the type of asset and surface area, which make the asset not susceptible to repeated production, or its location, if it is located in an area where market information is insufficient.


In the specific case of the AVM process directed to the credit institutionsValum follows the indications given by Bank of Spain in the guide on the use of automated valuation models by appraisal firms registered in the entity’s registers for the real estate valuation constituting mortgage and foreclosed collateral, in accordance with the provisions of Annex 9 of Circular 4/2017, of November 27, on public and reserved financial reporting standards and financial statement models.

Geolocation systems

It has a process of normalization, enrichment and geolocation of the asset to be valued, to offer great precision in the valuations.

Spatial clustering model

It allows, in a quick and visual way, to differentiate within the studied municipality, which areas are similar and comparable and therefore have a similar value in the real estate market so that the system is able to discriminate which witnesses are good comparables and which are not.

Large databases

SMARTA has more than two million witnesses from different sources: offer, transaction and appraisal.

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