Technological development

Cuttin edge tools in the market

Innovation and technological development are the essence of Valum. Committed to digitization in the Real Estate sector, we have been pioneers in developingwe have been pioneers in the development of our own digital solutions that have made processes more efficient and have been consolidated over the years.

In certain areas of the Real Estate sector, such as automated valuation or quality control, where digitalization contributes more effectively, we have positioned ourselves among the top companies in these services.

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Technological combination

Valum has the most advanced tools in the industry. From systems of Smart Data, real estate CRM, Virtual Reality applications to appraisal management and execution software. most complete of the market. Thanks to which it makes available to its customers traceability, transparency, instantaneity and information power.

The combination of technology in big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and geointelligence along with the most complete information of the real estate market is the result of the tools that have been developed internally.

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