Energy efficiency

eficiencia energética

Energy certificates

The energy performance certificate (EEC) is a document that contains information on the energy characteristics and energy rating of a building or part of it.

The objective of this document is for citizens to know the energy consumption of buildings, so that potential tenants or buyers can know in advance how efficient they are and can get an idea of the energy costs of living or working in those spaces.

Legal requirements

Since 2003, this certificate has been mandatory for the sale and rental of new and second-hand real estate. Therefore, if this certificate is not available, owners should request all the documentation from a qualified technician.

Failure to have the EWC in force carries fines of between €300 and €6,000, according to law 8/2013 of June 26.

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Energy efficiency savings

In order to issue the energy efficiency certificate, the emissions and energy consumed are measured in commonly used services that help to maintain thermal and lighting comfort conditions. For example: heating, air conditioning, lighting, hot water production, etc….

A house with a high energy rating, such as the A rating, can imply a reduction in consumption of more than 90% compared to other houses with a low rating.

Savings and profitability

The assessment of this energy efficiency energy efficiency is a systematic procedure for obtaining adequate knowledge of the existing energy consumption profile of a building, identifying and quantifying the cost-effective possibilities for energy savings. energy savings and thus reducing costs, cost reduction.

At Valum we put at your disposal a qualified technical team in carrying out this type of valuations that, based on efficiency indicatorswill help to reduce energy consumption and detect all those areas for improvement.

Our online contracting system allows you to know your budget immediately and contract your energy efficiency certificate in just 3 steps. Within 2 hours one of our technicians will contact you by phone to set the order in motion and arrange the visit of the appraiser.

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