Who we are

We are Valum

At Valum we have a highly qualified team that is constantly growing. Focused on technological development and with a digital vision, with more than 20% of analytical profiles and developers in the workforce, we are committed to the continuous improvement of the company’s processes.

Our team strives to consistently meet and exceed client expectations and standards of transparency and risk management in every action we take.

The strategic direction is driven by a management team with long-standing industry experience that is embodied in the broad spectrum of our professional consulting, software and analytics offerings.


Betting on talent

In order to achieve maximum excellence, it is essential for us to invest in young people who are qualified in a wide range of areas and to train them in leadership so that they can develop their capabilities.

We believe that knowledge and experience are important, but the key lies in attitude, in being demanding and never losing the innovative spirit that characterizes us as an organization.